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It’s no secret that it’s important to start your business off on the right foot. In fact, only 50% of new businesses survive their first five years of operation. Consulting CFO services is one of the best ways to get help for your business. Here are a few key ways a CFO can help support your business whether you’re a start-up or you’ve been in the industry for years.

Manage Risk

Every business can use a good risk-prevention infrastructure to protect against business risks like fraud and error. A good CFO will identify and help you mitigate exposure to these issues by putting in place appropriate financial and operational controls.

Help Negotiate With Customers and Suppliers

An experienced CFO can help you get the best rates, terms, credit lines, and payment options, which will place your business at a financial advantage for both expenses and revenues. This helps maintain cash flow and ensure the smooth running of the business at all times.

Establish Beneficial Relationships

Consulting CFO services will help you identify and leverage the most functional sources of capital from lenders and investors. This is important in availing credit or working capital that can help you when you want to expand your operations.

Improve Strategies

Outsourcing a good CFO will let you identify opportunities and develop sound strategies around products, services, markets, geographies, and competition. They will also provide accurate and timely metrics and financial figures with educated interpretations for them that will guide your businesses’ actions.

Help Manage Changes

These changes include acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs. These are all major ownership changes that may be part of a company’s growth strategy. A good CFO will help with the right quantitative analysis as well as strategic direction to help your business move smoothly through the process it needs to go through.

Making sure to outsource a CFO with the right industry experience, leadership style, and communication skills for your business will offer you improvement and peace of mind. For more information about how consulting CFO services can boost your business and improve your bottom line, contact Nexagy today.

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