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The idea of bookkeeping might sound easy enough to a new business owner: money in, money out. But there is more to it than just income and expenses. Working with a company offering bookkeeping services will help you in many ways with navigating the legalese and complex nature of keeping records for a business, organization, or firm. At Nexagy Inc. we provide services for both new and established enterprises to assist them as a fractional CFO service. But why should new business owners consider hiring a bookkeeper from the start? Let’s take a look at five reasons why integrating our team at Nexagy Inc. into your start-up is a smart decision!

· Accurate accounts and financial records. Starting up a business requires extensive paperwork and proper organization to ensure long-term success. If you are finding that you are spending more time on other aspects of your business, hiring a bookkeeper will ensure that all of your financial transactions are recorded accurately and organized in a way that allows for easy access and retrieval. Our trained professionals encourage this to make tax preparation and monitoring of your business’ growth and financial health easier to evaluate.

· Cost-effective solution. Your time as a business owner is precious, and this resource must be used effectively. Putting energy into other aspects of your company might be worthwhile, making bookkeeping services money well spent. It also eliminates the need for purchasing new accounting software and training yourself and your employees on how to use it properly.

· Avoidance of financial mistakes and errors. Having a clear picture of your current financial status can assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to your company. When you hire a trained bookkeeping service to manage your finances, you can rest easy that everything is accurately recorded and documented to reduce the potential for expensive errors when it comes to tax time.

· Ensure compliance with local and federal tax laws and regulations. New business owners are often overwhelmed in the preparation and beginning of their company that they may overlook certain aspects of their business that need to meet specific requirements. Using a bookkeeping service can ensure you stay on target with regulations, maintain proper financial records, and stay compliant with local and federal tax laws. This offers peace of mind and assists in avoiding penalties and violations.

· Scalable growth. When run properly, you can expect your business to grow with time. Bookkeeping services make it easier to see your business’ financial health and stay on track as your needs are scaled along with the growth of your company. Nexagy Inc. offers the professional guidance and experience you need to ensure scalability and controlled growth over time.

Who can I call to learn more about bookkeeping services?

At Nexagy Inc., we are committed to providing a wide range of services for our clients and their businesses. If you are starting on a new venture and are interested in the support of experienced professionals, we welcome you to schedule time to sit with our team and learn about all we have to offer for new enterprises and start-ups. Call (704) 218-9649 or complete this form so we can discuss your business’s needs.

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