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There are approximately 30.7 million small businesses running operations in the United States and most of these can benefit from CFO consulting services. However, there are many CFO myths that can stop a business from doing so. It is time these myths are debunked, so your decision to partner with a CFO from Nexagy will no longer be influenced by false facts.

CFOs Will Bury You in Facts and Figures

It is true that a CFO has to be good with numbers, but it is not always endless facts and figures. Instead, a qualified CFO will have their finger on the pulse of your business, such that they will know the essential financials of your business. This helps with critical decision making and it shows the CFO is invested in the bigger picture and your business’s future.

CFOs Are Too Controlling

CFOs are not the control freaks everyone thinks they are. In fact, they have to relinquish some control in order to do their job properly. That is because while they are responsible for the finances, they do not get to control your business’s expenditure. In a similar vein, the myth that CFOs are tight-fisted is very misleading. Your CFO will only manage the business model, but will not be in a position to determine how the company’s books are run.

CFOs Don’t Make Much of a Difference

If you think that CFO consulting won’t have much impact on your business, you might want to think again. CFOs work really hard to take your business to the next level, and as senior executives, they are in a position to set a great example to the rest of the organization. Their inside knowledge can help you sail through mergers, acquisitions, and any restructuring or expansion activities you might have planned. All this has a tangible, positive, and significant impact on your business.

CFOs Are Difficult to Work With

Once you think about it, all the common misconceptions about CFOs can be compressed into one false fact: CFO consulting can be a headache. For starters, CFOs are interesting to work with. Most of them have solid ethical values because they know that since they are at the top of corporate governance, they will likely be held responsible if things go wrong.

Now that you have the facts of the matter, you are allowed to scoff the next time you come across one of these CFO consulting myths. What is more, working with Nexagy can make it glaringly obvious that some of the negative stuff you heard about CFOs were just myths. Give us a call, and we will further debunk these myths through real-world experience!

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