We help owners identify, define, and value their goals while assessing the potential of their enterprise. Our process is customized to address each business owner’s situation and designed to foster a partnership between Nexagy and clients to achieve the desired results.

1. Organizational Assessment

  • Establish owner expectations and goals
  • Gain a big picture view while understanding any challenges
  • Observe and develop an approach to meet the owner’s goals

2. Strategic Analysis

  • Perform a resource-based analysis
  • Determine critical success factors
  • Develop a strategic map making the leadership team’s plan easy to comprehend company-wide
  • Analyze business economics and evaluate growth potential

3. Operational Refinement

  • Provide an array of options which align with objectives
  • Propose changes to optimize operations and leverage resources
  • Develop financial projections and identify funding alternatives

4. Execute

  • Implement process improvements and system enhancements
  • Build management talent to enhance growth capacity
  • Design and institute performance tracking metrics

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